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Research centers

Project implementation at the JCI Clinical Trials Center


The Center’s personnel:


  • Chief Investigator/s at the level of general specialization from: oncology, gynecology, dermatology, orthopedics, cardiology, infectious diseases, paediatrics, vaccinations, rheumatology
  • Collaborating researchers: radiologists, ophthalmologists, GPs
  • Personnel related to the implementation and handling of clinical trial projects: clinical trial coordinators, 2 pharmacists/ also – clinical trial coordinators, coordinator/paramedic, imaging coordinators/receptionists, nurses, front desk personnel, imaging technicians
  • Additional supporting personnel: radiation protection supervision, sanitary and epidemiological conditions supervison, medical physicist,
  • Monitoring of clinical trials, cooperation with freelance clinical trial monitors



The possibilities of the Center along with its infrastructure:


  • an organized unit based on standard operating procedures (SOP), constant monitoring of the validity of certificates and equipment calibration (documentation available immediately upon request)
  • equipped with its own Imaging Laboratory (CT, MRI, ultrasound and its own Densitometry Laboratory)
  • fully equipped, modern doctor’s offices and a training part, including a conference room for up to 96 people (auditorium), dedicated IMP room, medical records archive
  • patient room (3 beds), no possibility to perform procedures in hospital conditions
  • drug warehouse with -80°C freezer with continuous, double-secured temperature monitoring (the temperature of freezers and refrigerators is measured every minute with available records), IMP warehouse equipped with a dual emergency power supply system (additional Tauron line and two generators)
  • Institute of Genetic Engineering located in one of the laboratories of the premises. This facility gives the opportunity to conduct clinical trials with registered IMPs as genetically modified microorganisms (GMM), according to Polish legal regulations. The Institute is equipped with all elements required by law, as well as:
    • refrigeration equipment with temperature recorders, which enable remote recording of temperature continuously (every 10 minutes) and interval recording of maximum and minimum temperatures
    • a laminar flow chamber (class II) that allows IMP preparation when aseptic conditions are required
    • the implemented procedures ensure safe and legal compliance of the circulation and management of the IMP (investigative medicinal product) at the facility
    • a dedicated on-site pharmacist who is responsible for the IMP and appropriate storage conditions at the Institute of Genetic Engineering

As part of the diagnostic imaging, CBK JCI has the following equipment:

  • MRI 1.5 Tesla (Magnetom Avanto Fit, Siemens)
  • 256-layer low-dose computer tomography (Definition Flash, Siemens)
  • digital X-ray densitometer (Lunar Prodigy Primo, GE)
  • ultrasound (Vivid S5, S6, Logiq S7 Expert, GE)


All tests are performed in full clinical protocols with the use of complete range of high-resolution sequences with and without contrast.


At the Sponsor’s request, we can also perform dedicated tests using individually established protocols, with and without administration of contrast.


All medical equipment has the required certificates, passports of equipment, and service inspections are regularly performed.

The Center is prepared to carry out trials in particular specializations – considering the above-mentioned limitations (no possibility to perform procedures in hospital conditions) – each time it requires arrangements with the CBK Governing Bodies:


Implementation of project activities based on scientific resources and infrastructure of the University School of Physical Education in Krakow (AWF Krakow). The Main Research & Development Laboratory consists of the following laboratories:

  • Biometric Research
  • Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Genetic Analysis
  • Research on the Tourist and Leisure Market
  • Social Research
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Biophysics and Motion Analysis
  • Biokinetics
  • Functional Diagnostics
  • Physiological Basis of Adaptation with a hypoxic thermoclimatic chamber
  • Blood Physiology
  • Skin Physiology
  • Cell cultures
  • Human motor skills
  • Olympism
  • Psychological
  • World Experience Hall (Snoezelen Hall)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Vibrotherapy


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