Virtual office - Jagiellońskie Centrum Innowacji

Virtual office

If you run a small business and would like to decrease the costs of renting premises and employing office workers, then our virtual office offer is just for you.


The Jagiellonian Center of Innovation apart from renting the address also provides:

  • renting a correspondence address,
  • receiving and storing correspondence,
  • informing about the arrival of correspondence,
  • scanning and e-mailing of incoming correspondence,
  • bulk mailing once a month,
  • placing a business card and company logo on the Life Science Park website with a short link to the offer details,
  • 10% discount on the use of conference rooms.


We invite you to cooperation!


For offers and additional questions, please contact Rafał Szkaradek:

Mobile: + 48 12 297 46 06


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