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Quality Control Laboratory

The main tasks of Quality Control Laboratory include:
  • control of the production process of the products on the production line, including e.g. cosmetic products and medical devices.
  • testing of input production materials and the manufactured products
  • performing physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of purified water produced in the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation
  • monitoring microbiological purity of air and surface of the production line


Most of work performed in the Quality Control Laboratory is performed for internal purposes of the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation, including the production line and Technology Department that offers design services for cosmetic products and medical devices.


Additionally, we offer:
  • stability testing of cosmetic products and compatibility testing of mass with package, as per Colip’s guide “Guidelines on stability testing of cosmetic products”
  • stability testing of medicinal products and medical devices as per requirements of ICH Q1A
  • storage of products in conditioned chambers, in conditions as per the client’s requirements

Stability testing is performed in conditioned chambers from Memmert that offer stable temperature and humidity conditions in the whole chamber space. Additionally, the temperature and humidity in the chambers is monitored continuously be an independent measuring system (RMS) that provides information on conditions in the chambers 24 h a day.


The Laboratory uses different research methods, including:
  • Microbiological purity of cosmetics as per the following standards: PN-EN ISO 21149, PN-EN ISO 16212, PN-EN ISO 22717, PN-EN ISO 18416, PN-EN ISO 22718, PN-EN ISO 21150
  • Test of preservation system efficiency, as per PN-EN ISO 11930
  • Microbiological purity of medical devices and medicinal products as per Polish Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia
  • Test of preservation system efficiency for medical devices and medicinal products as per Polish Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia
  • pH analysis and organoleptic assessment of cosmetic products
  • determination of total organic carbon (TOC) content in purified water
  • determination of proper conductivity of purified water
  • determination of nitrate and heavy metal content in purified water using Pharmacopoeia-based methods


Other analyses within the scope of product stability testing are also possible in cooperation with other JCI Laboratories, e.g. with: Laboratory of Mass Chromatography and Spectrometry, Imaging Laboratory, NMR Laboratory and Laboratory of Biological Analyses.


The work of Quality Control Laboratory is organised as per requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 13485, PN-EN ISO 22716 standards and with requirements of GMP set forth in the Regulation of the Minister of Health on Good Manufacturing Practice, legal requirements and other requirements of the interested parties, to fulfilment of which our organisation is obliged.

Director or the Quality Department

Jolanta Kaleta, Pharm. PhD


She finished her PhD studies in the Pharmaceutical Department of Collegium Medicum UJ. In the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation, she is responsible for e.g. quality management system, control of process quality for cosmetic products and medical devices manufacturing, and for running the Quality Control Laboratory. She gained her professional experience as a many-year employee of Apiarian and Pharmaceutical Company “Apipol-Farma” Sp. z o.o., working as the Manager for Quality Control and Qualified Person.


Head of the Quality Control Laboratory

Marta Kocurek


Graduate of biology at the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Lodz in Microbiology and Hygiene in Industry. At the Jagiellonian Innovation Centre, she is responsible, among other things, for quality control of the manufacturing process of cosmetic and medical products and for the operation of the Quality Control laboratory. She gained her professional experience as an employee at the Apiculture and Pharmaceutical Company “Apipol-Farma” Sp. z o.o. working in the Microbiology and Quality Control laboratory. Then, from 2008 to 2021, she worked at the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Work Cooperative “Espefa” as manager of the KJ Microbiological Laboratory.



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