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Is there a practical workshop that entails the entire drug product development from molecule selection down to clinical studies, illustrating each topic on practical examples from the industry? Fortunately, yes: Such a unique workshop is organized by the industrial experts from Kapaji and JCI in the beautiful city of Kraków, and not only does it include special instrumental cases studies and a guided tour through the JCI labs, but also the opportunity to consult your particular troubles with an all the experts directly within the workshop. We will be happy to see you there!

JCI and Kapaji as a unique partnership of academic and industrial experts will show you on real-life examples how sophisticated and non-standard analytical techniques can help you understand and control the API and drug product behavior within development and in routine production.

You will deepen your knowledge in the field of Drug Product Development by learning from specialists and drawing from their practical experience

You will have the opportunity to meet experts in person and discuss specific problems you encounter in your daily work

You will have the opportunity to meet interesting people from the industry and establish valuable business contacts



You are responsible for the actions...

  • related to the early development of the medicinal product, development of the formulation, testing its properties.
  • You are a process engineer and you have to deliver the results of the various stages of the drug development process on time.
  • You are responsible for the quality of a pharmaceutical product both at the stage of its development and at the stage of its production and release to the market.
  • you are an analyst who sets and validates methods
  • you are responsible for regulatory activities or for the protection of intellectual property and need knowledge on how to effectively secure a new, innovative formulation of a generic drug
  • you are a project manager who manages API or medicinal product development
  • you are a clinical expert who designs clinical trials
  • you are a quality control analyst who analyzes API and medicinal products
  • you are a start-up owner in the pharmaceutical field

You work in the industry...

  • pharmaceutical, both generic and innovative,
  • research/academic drug discovery

You are freshly graduated or PhD student and you would like to understand how medicinal product is developed

On a daily basis you work as...

  • analytical chemist
  • expert in the development of solid drug formulations
  • formulation specialist
  • QA expert
  • regulatory specialist
  • IP specialist
  • project manager
  • R&D department expert
  • scientist in a scientific/research institution dealing with the discovery of new drugs

You are developing a business or product

  • a generic drug in a solid form formulation
  • an innovative drug in a solid form formulation
  • generic drug with improved solid form formulation maybe better wording is: added value generic drug


The lectures will be delivered in English

Day 1

Good morning coffee
JCI and Kapaji intro
Molecule selection and IP
Project management
Coffee break
Preformulation - reverse engineering case study
Method development and validation
Coffee break
JCI experts case studies

Day 2

Good morning coffee
Formulation development of solid dosage forms
Coffee break
Clinical studies
Lab tours and consultancy
Read the detailed description of the workshop

Venue of the event

Life Science Park
Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Sp. z o.o. (LTD)
Michała Bobrzyńskiego 14 St.
30–348 Cracow


Price packages


€450 (net)
per person
Register now!

2 people from one company

€420 (net)
per person
Register now!

3+ people from one company

€400 (net)
per person
Register now!

Cost of participation in the workshop €450
The cost of participation in the workshop for two people from one company €420 per person
The cost of participation in workshops for three or more people from one company €400 per person

Every package includes:

  • 8 hours of lectures
  • individual consultations with experts
  • guided tour through the JCI labs
  • training materials in PDF form (sent to the e-mail address provided during registration after the workshop)
  • certificate
  • coffee breaks and lunch

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