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To meet your expectations, we have created a subscription offer for analyses in the Microbiology Laboratory. We offer 3 different packages that combine the following advantages:


  • lower prices depending on the choice of subscription package
  • short turnaround time – 12h from sample delivery to JCI
  • report in electronic form
  • subscription invoice issued at the beginning of the month.


Package types:




The subscription contract can be concluded and paid for in advance for the entire year. The annual subscription is then reduced by an additional 5% of the total amount! 


*Standard price for testing 1 sample is 46 PLN net


Delivery of samples:
  • inform the JCI no later than 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date of the samples, together with an indication of the quantities and types of analyses to be commissioned, as well as the specific storage conditions of the samples
  • an order form must be submitted with the sample
  • samples should be delivered on working days, between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


Analysis of the report:

The analysis will be carried out in time:

  • up to 12 hours after acceptance of sample for bacterial analysis
  • up to 72 hours after acceptance of the sample for fungal analysis


not including Saturdays or public holidays.


The report, in the form of a PDF, will be drafted and delivered after the analysis.

For a quote, please contact: 

Agnieszka Serwinowska

Mobile: +48 797 611 171

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