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Testing of Food and Dietary Supplements

With its experienced team of specialists and unique research infrastructure, the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation offers laboratory analyses of food and dietary supplements at the manufacturer’s request.

We perform both routine assays and measurements, as well as complex research projects with the use of innovative methods.


Testing of probiotics

The Jagiellonian Center of Innovation offers testing of probiotics with a status of a dietary supplement. The tests allow for the evaluation and comparison of the quality of probiotic products. The analyses are performed to check conformance of the manufacturer’s declaration about the qualitative and quantitative content of probiotic microorganisms in a product, and the quality parameters that should characterize the probiotic strains. The research was designed based on the literature review, FAO/WHO and IPA guidelines.


We offer the following analyses for one probiotic product:

  • The quantitative amount(s) of viable probiotics in a product at the beginning and the expiry date and for product from the market.
  • Microorganism identification by genotypic methods:
    • confirmation of the species using PCR with species-specific primers or using Sanger’s method with sequencing of 16S rRNA gene
    • next-generation sequencing (NGS technology).
  • Antimicrobial activity against potentially pathogenic bacteria (gastrointestinal pathogens or uropathogens)
  • Resistance to gastric acidity and bile acid resistance (in vitro simulated environment):
    • resistance to low pH
    • resistance to salts of bile acids.
  • Antibiotic resistance according to EFSA or EUCAST requirements.
  • Resistance to spermicides (applicable to probiotics for vaginal use).
  • Detection of mobile genetic elements associated with antibiotic resistance by:
    • PCR (max. 5 antibiotics)
    • next-generation sequencing (NGS technology) – including virulence genes and prophages.



Additionally, please see the offer of the Quality Institute of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation. The JCI Quality Institute is an independent research and opinion-forming center with a mission to promote high quality of dietary supplements, cosmetics and healthy food among the manufacturers and consumers. The Institute’s mission is carried out by forming opinions about products and promoting them with a JCI Quality Mark and by publication of popular science texts.

We offer:

  • Issuing opinions about products
  • Our own ranking tests
  • Popular science publications


Please visit the website of the JCI Quality Institute, where you can find:

  • information about the activity of the JCI Quality Institute
  • popular science texts reviewed by experts in the given scientific discipline
  • information brochures developed based on our own research
  • information about discipline-specific events

For a quote, please contact: 

Agnieszka Serwinowska

Mobile: +48 797 611 171
E-mail: agnieszka.serwinowska@jci.pl

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