Our Team and Experience

Paweł Błachno

President of the Management Board, Investment Director


Paweł Błachno has been President of the Management Board of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation since 2004. He has extensive experience in the development and deployment of business models for start-up projects as well as innovative management of projects at the commercialization stage. Mr Błachno acquired his experience in financial institutions and consulting firms. He has managed a seed capital fund where he was responsible for investment processes and subsequently for supervision over companies.

His responsibilities at JCI Investment include the fund’s operations, negotiations, the selected technology transfer model as well as corporate supervision over new companies.

Anita Burkat–Dulak, Ph.D.

R&D Portfolio Manager


Ms Anita Burkat–Dulak, holder of a Ph.D. in chemistry, is an expert in life science project sourcing and evaluation. When working for JCI Venture, she was involved in the evaluation of more than 400 projects based on R&D expertise, of which 50 underwent due diligence, and 13 were transformed into innovative start-ups operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, bioengineering and clinical trials sectors.

Anita Burkat-Dulak is a graduate of the Business School of Warsaw University of Technology and Medication Registration Academy. She has excellent contacts through scientific and business communities and is conversant with regulatory and IP protection issues. In her role at the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation she is responsible for registration coordination in a project involving the development of personalized biological therapies.

At JCI Investments she is responsible for establishing relations with the innovator community and activity coordination at the proof of principle phase.

Konrad Gliściński, LL.M

IP Manager and Lawyer


Mr Konrad Gliściński has long-standing experience in drafting and negotiating investment agreements on research and R&D project commercialization. As part of his involvement in JCI Venture’s investment activities he was responsible for designing a structure for companies being founded, preparing corporate governance standards as well as technology transfer policies, and subsequently for developing an IP protection strategy and drafting patent-related agreements.

At JCI Investments his responsibilities include legal analysis of projects, particularly in terms of industrial property rights and technology transfer rules as well as drafting and negotiating acceleration agreements and investment agreements, including company deeds.

Konrad Gliściński holds a degree of Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and is now a doctoral student at the Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Civil Law. He has completed the TOP 500 Science Management and Commercialization program, Stanford Center for Professional Development (IX-XI 2015).

Tomasz Wójcik, Ph.D.

Technology broker


Tomasz Wójcik holds a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy and is a specialist in the evaluation of projects based on pharmacy and biotechnology as well as an expert for the National Center for Research and Development. He started his career with the Selvita Capital Group, where he was responsible for collaboration with research establishments in the identification and evaluation of technologies for the development of molecules as potential candidate medications. In the period 2011 – 2016 he was a project manager in charge of R&D projects undertaken by the Jagiellonian Center for Medication Development.

At JCI Investments he is responsible for liaising with innovator communities as well as sourcing and verifying life science innovative projects.

He is a graduate of the Clinical Research Associates School, IQVIA. He has authored more than a dozen scholarly publications on molecular pharmacology.

Łukasz Garlak

Financial Manager


Łukasz Garlak is a specialist with 10 years’ experience in corporate finance management and project viability analysis, with particular focus on life science projects. He has acquired his professional experience in, amongst others, the JCI Venture seed capital fund, where he was involved in all stages of support provision to originators in deploying innovative projects in the marketplace.

At present he is involved in financial management at the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation company. Besides, he works with businesses, providing support to companies’ management boards in developing effective financial policies and sourcing funding.

His responsibilities at JCI Investments include support for originators in developing business concepts and financial models as well as evaluation of their profitability for the purposes of investment decisions.

He is a graduate of the TOP 500 program (University of Cambridge, 2014) and a member of the “TOP500 Innovators Association”.

Iwona Bobowiec

Administrative Specialist


Iwona Bobowiec has worked for the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation since 2016; her responsibilities were the coordination of the activities of the Administrative Department, including documentation development and workflow as well as office management. Furthermore, she solely managed the Orders Department. Ms Bobowiec is a graduate of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, where in 2015 she obtained a Master of Science in Engineering degree in environmental protection.

Her responsibilities at JCI Investments include portfolio company controlling for the supervisory boards, project evaluation coordination and provision of support to her team in administrative activities.

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