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JCI Quality Institute

Endorsement and certification for those who put quality first!

The JCI Quality Institute offers its endorsement and quality mark to cosmetics, dietary supplement and health food manufacturers who want their products to stand out in the market.



  • An independent endorsement that can be used in any communication channel
  • A quality mark that confirms the high quality of a product

Quality Mark

The JCI Quality Institute awards its Quality Mark to recognize dietary supplements, cosmetics and health food in the marketplace. We only distinguish products that are top quality which we ourselves test and verify. Testing criteria for each product are selected on an individual basis.


The JCI Quality Mark is accompanied by a statement about the product, containing a description of the product, the results of the product tests, and the Institute’s recommendation. Upon the Customer’s request the JCI Quality Mark together with the statement can be provided in the English language.


To achieve JCI Quality Mark recognition, the following steps or stages need to be completed:

  • accepting a manufacturer’s product submission for evaluation
  • a meeting including a presentation of the product by the applicant
  • selection of tests, discussion of the terms and conditions of an agreement
  • carrying out tests, review of the results, expert consultations
  • a decision to distinguish the product by awarding the JCI Quality Mark to it


Popular science articles

Popular science articles are of educational nature and are written under the auspices of the JCI Quality Institute. They also assist consumers in deciding whether or not to buy a product from a particular category.

Such articles, written by university students and doctoral candidates, take the form of review articles based on source literature, market data as well as generally available product information. Once approved by an expert in the relevant field, the article is published in pharmaceutical, biotechnology or cosmetics journals, with due prominence given to the author’s name.

Popular science articles – frequently asked questions

Articles published under the auspices of the JCI Quality Institute:

Dobrodziejstwa probiotyków i prebiotyków oraz ich naturalne źródła [Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics and their Natural Sources], Anna Zaremba, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego

Czy dieta może nas chronić przed rakiem [Can our Diet Protect us against Cancer?], Ewa Kusber, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego

Mikroorganizmy glebowe, małe stworzenia – wielka siła [Soil Microorganisms –- Tiny yet very Powerful], Patryk Motyka, Eko Arka

Roślinne komórki macierzyste w kosmetykach [Plant Stem Cells in Cosmetics], Anita Miczka, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego

Witamina C – Fakty i mity [Vitamin C – Facts and Myths], Arkadiusz Dobosz, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego

Płynne złoto z Maroka [Liquid Gold from Morocco], Joanna Maciąg, Focus Medycyna

Magnez, wapń, żelazo – jak mądrze je suplementować [Magnesium, Calcium, Iron – How to Use Them Rationally as Dietary Supplements], Mikołaj Miernik, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego

Witamina E – Co kryje świat tokoferoli [Vitamin E – What is There in the World of Tocopherols?], Bożena Milanovic, Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego


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