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The Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation is equipped with a modern line for contract production. With our experience, qualified personnel and production standards, we ensure the highest quality of services and the manufactured products. Apart from complex services related to the production process, we offer single process performance (in bulk production, packaging, labelling, package labelling).


We offer contract production, ensuring:

  • Support with production process (from the sample lot to implementation and production)
  • Performance of the necessary testing (we have our own Quality Control Laboratory and Microbiology Laboratory)
  • Preparation of production documentation
  • Packing into unit or compound packages and palletising
  • Transport of the final product



Homogenizing mixers


Homogenizing mixers with an operating volume of 100 and 600 liters allow us to produce charges of 30–100 liter and 200–600 liter volume, respectively. Both devices have a paddle mixer, a scraping mixer and a homogenizing turbine, as well as optional heating up to 70°C and cooling functions. Homogenizing mixers can be used to produce a broad range of products: ointments, gels, suspensions, emulsions, milks, creams, and other liquids.

Automatic tubing machine


Automatic tubing machine with a dosing range of 5–100 mL (maximum dose range 3–250 mL) and an ability to dose by volume. The tubing machine has a feeding funnel with a mixing and heating option. The length of tube with a cap: 70–250 mm. This machine can use aluminum, polyethylene, and laminate tubes.


  • Supported tube diameters: 19 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm (option up to max. 40 mm).
  • Aluminum tubes – all diameters; plastic tubes – 25, 30 and 35 mm.


Plastic tubes are sealed using hot air, without heating the product. Maximum mechanical speed 5000 pcs/h – mean operating yield 1000 pcs/hour.

Filling, capping and labeling line


The line has a peristaltic pump with double lead with a dose of 10–1000 mL. Average operating yield of the line is 500 pcs/hour for 120 mL of water-like fluid. Package types that can be used in our line include bottles with circular or rectangular cross section, made of any material.


Packaging size: height of 60–250 mm, diameter of 25–90 mm.

For flat packaging, the label can be attached on one or both sides.

For a quote, please contact:
Aleksandra Piotrowska, MBA
Mobile: + 48 608 710 715

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