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Our Offer and Examples of Projects Delivered

The Jagiellonian Center of Innovation invests in life science projects and technologies, and seeks to partner with originators who are entrepreneurs, scientists and individual innovators. JCI’s offering includes more than just capital support for projects. In addition to funding, we provide:


  • our team’s experience gained in operating the JCI Venture fund;
  • access to the unique infrastructure of Life Science Park, including laboratory space, extensive research services offering and production capability (a cosmetics production line);
  • support in the project commercialization process;
  • access to an extensive network of contacts, developed over the years both in the business and scientific community.


The JCI Venture seed capital fund, affiliated with the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, in the years 2009 – 2013 helped to start up more than a dozen innovative companies engaged in the development, amongst others, of specialized research services, innovative medications, generic drugs as well as medical devices. The team’s experience and track record earned the trust and recognition of the National Center for Research and Development, as a result of which in late 2017 new funding for investments within the Bridge Alfa program was granted.


The investment portfolio of the Human Alfa fund includes:

AI Ablacja Sp. z o.o.


The company is working on a system that uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to assess atrial arrhythmia and determine the critical area for the basis of arrhythmia, which will support invasive treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Arthec Sp. z o.o.


It will provide a method of producing in vitro full-fledged cartilage tissue, which after implantation into the knee joint will restore its biological function.

Thanks to the PEARL method, performed at an early stage of Osteoarthritis development, complete cartilage regeneration will be possible. Thanks to the regeneration of cartilage defects, the disease will not progress, which is irreversible and ultimately involves the need for alloplasty (insertion of a joint prosthesis).

Assocaited Apps


Associated Apps is a company at a very early stage of development, thus it is just starting its business operations. The company’s flagship project is The Compass – the world’s first application for navigating blind and visually impaired people inside public facilities.

Gastrit Plus Sp. z o.o.


The company will develop new formulations of medicinal products, and the first will be in the category of traditional herbal medicines.

Mediprintic Sp. z o. o.

The company is working on a comprehensive solution for the treatment and recovery of injuries and fractures of stable limbs. The Founding Team consists of doctors specializing in the field of orthopedics and people with business and sales experience in the healthcare market.

Oxymotion Sp. z o.o.


The company is working on a technology for non-invasive testing of the condition of sportsmen’s organisms on-line. The idea was recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which stated that it is one of the 20 most promising directions of innovation in the world of sport.

Trebiada Sp. z o.o.


a company that creates the Ready.Bike project dedicated to the bicycle industry. Initially dedicated to bicycle shops and services, so that these points could easily and transparently manage bicycle services and register bikes. Currently, Ready.Bike is expanding its activities with additional modules, which will allow for future cooperation with bicycle manufacturers. Ready.Bike introduces a very innovative RFID-based bicycle tagging system to the market. The platform will ultimately become a 360 system in terms of the full flow of information about the service provided in real time in the following cycle: producer – shops – services – retail customers – producer.

The investment portfolio of the JCI Venture fund includes:

Prodromus Sp. z o. o.


Prodromus Sp.z o. o. develops medical products. Its flagship product is Prodrobot, which is an automated gait trainer intended for the rehabilitation of patients with gait dysfunctions and paresis of limbs. Going through its expansion stage in 2016 the company was able to obtain another funding round from Warsaw Equity Group.


EgzoTech Sp. z o. o.


This company develops rehabilitation robots based on electromyography. The company’s flagship product is Luna EMG robot that uses reactive electromyography for training the patient’s sensorimotor cortex. The robot is particularly effective with patients suffering from significant deficits, allowing for increased motor unit recruitment during muscle activation. The Company, now in its expansion stage, has won multiple awards both at home and abroad.

F1 Pharma Sp. z o. o.


F1 Pharma Sp. z o. o. is a pharmaceutical company that provides research and development services. The founders of F1 Pharma boast proven academic track record and experience in working for the pharmaceutical industry, combined with complementary competencies in marketing medicinal products, quality control, product release and drug registration. In 2018, the company secured an industry investor which subsequently repurchased the shares from JCI Venture.

Torqway Sp. z o. o.


Torqway Sp. z o. o. is an originator and manufacturer of innovative vehicles for physical exercise. Torqway Sport and Torqway Hybrid are primarily used as training and rehabilitation devices, aiding in the development of upper body muscles and improvement of motor coordination. In 2014, following a management buyout, JCI Venture sold its shares in the company.

MCR Clinic Sp. z o.o.


This company uses innovative IT solutions to offer a spectrum of tools supporting clinical trial processes, such as participant recruitment, clinical trial management as well as data monitoring.

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