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Application notes

Anna Jakubowska, Jorg Pabel, Marek Żylewski, Klaus T. Wanner, Katarzyna Kulig

Asymmetric synthesis of all four stereoisomers of 1-amino-3-hydroxy-cyclopentane-1-carboxylic acid

Waldemar Tejchman, Izabela Korona-Głowniak, Anna Malm, Marek Żylewski, Piotr Suder

Antibacterial properties of 5-substituted derivatives of rhodanine- 3-carboxyalkyl acids

Waldemar Tejchman, Ewa Żesławska, Krzysztof Zborowski, Wojciech Nitek, Marek Żylewski

The synthesis, molecular structure and spectra properties of sulfur and selenium deferiprone analogues


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