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Laboratory equipment

The Laboratory of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation has a range of equipment dedicated to a variety of analytical tests. The Laboratory’s liquid and gas chromatographs coupled with various detectors allow the analysis of a wide range of chemical compounds: from identification to quantitative tests. We also have dedicated equipment for tests in the area of mass spectrometry, pharmacokinetics, and biochemical protein analysis.


Liquid chromatography

  • UHPLC (Dionex) coupled to detectors:
    • UV-Vis DAD (190–900 nm), ELSD
    • Corona Veo RS (operating temperature range: +5oC to +100oC)
    • MALS (determination of mass from 100 Da to 1,250 kDa)
    • DLS
    • Q-ToF mass spectrometer (ionization sources: ESI, APCI) (range: 20 to 15,000 m/z)
    • Fluorescent FLD (range: Ex 200 to 630; Em 220 to 650)
    • Refractometric (RI) detector


Gas chromatography

  • Chromatography systems (Shimadzu) with autosampler for liquid sample injection and HeadSpace attachment
  • Detectors: MS detector and flame ionization detector (FID)


Supercritical CO2 fluid chromatography (SFC)

  • Analytical chromatograph (Waters) coupled to PDA detector
  • Preparative chromatography system coupled with PDA and MS (single quadrupole) detector


Other equipment:

  • High-resolution mass spectrometer – Impact II QTOF (Bruker) (ionization sources: ESI, APCI) (mas range: 20 to 50,000 m/z)
  • Mastersizer 3000 (with Malvern Aero S; Hydro EV; Hydro Sight units)
  • Suppository/globule disintegration tester (Erweka)
  • Tablet disintegration time tester (Erweka)
  • Tester for API release from solid dosage forms coupled to UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Erweka)
  • Flow-through release tester (Erweka)
  • Tester for API release from solid dosage forms (Hanson)
  • Friability/abrasion tester (Erweka)
  • Tablet hardness, diameter and thickness tester (Erweka)
  • Suppository deformation tester (Erweka)

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