In the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, we combine traditional knowledge with the latest scientific advances to create formulations that conform to the current market trends.

We offer scientific and technical support within the scope of formulating cosmetic products. We make formulations that conform to the requirements and expectations of our Clients; we also adapt formulations provided by our Clients.


We offer:

  • creating concepts and developing new formulations of cosmetic products
  • improvement of previous formulations of cosmetic products
  • advice at the level of formulation, selection of appropriate cosmetic raw materials in line with the marketing image of the brand
  • coordination of research necessary to market a product in Europe and in other global markets


Our distinctive features:

  • short time of performing the tasks
  • production from small batches to industrial scale
  • keeping secret and discretion during our co-operation
  • professional services as per the latest and valid legal requirements and market trends

Development Manager
Diana Dołęga, PhD


Holder of PhD in chemistry with a broad experience in cosmetic production. She graduated from her PhD studies at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University, where she studied phase polymorphism in coordination compounds of block d metals and organic compounds in a form of liquid crystals. She gained professional experience, for example, in her own natural cosmetic manufacture and in Yase Cosmetics company. For many years, she has been conducting classes in the field of cosmetology and similar branches. She has worked for the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation since 2018 and she is responsible for e.g. Client counseling, and contacts within the scope of research offer and cosmetic production, including those with a private label.


For a quote, please contact:

Telephone: + 48 12 340 24 45

Mobile: + 48 517 062 813

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