JCI Venture fund portfolio filled with 16 companies!

At the end of March of this year, JCI Venture Sp. z o.o. filled the investment portfolio establishing a total of 16 start-up companies and taking over their shares in the amount of PLN 11.6 million.

Within five years of operations, technology brokers and analysts JCI Venture Fund analyzed nearly 400 submitted investment projects, dozens of which were subjected to in-depth analysis and support in the pre-incubation phase. Originators of the projects that received the support were scientists at all levels of academic careers - from student to professor - as well as people from the pharmaceutical industry. About 20% of the funds were allocated to the most ambitious, but risky, projects related to biopharmacology and potentially groundbreaking drugs. A similar amount was allocated to companies operating in the field of bioengineering, whose products, often in the prototype phase, have already won many awards and attracted the interest of potential partners and the media. The remainder of the portfolio is dedicated to start-ups commercializing solutions in the area of chemistry, nanotechnology, marketing of improved drug formulations, and improving clinical trial processes.

- I am convinced that we have managed to build a diversified portfolio full of promising projects in the field of life science. The commercialization of this type of projects takes a little longer than online and e-commerce ventures, but due to our specialization and limited competition, we were able to choose from the best ideas and teams available on the market. We can already see interest from major investors, often leaders in their respective industries, who would like to acquire technologies developed by our portfolio companies in order to apply them in their products or enter them into their distribution channels - says Paweł Błachno, President of JCI Venture Sp. z o.o.

Some of the established companies operate from the Life Science Park in Cracow, making use of its infrastructure. Others are mainly located in large academic centers throughout the country. Along with increasing number of companies, promising synergies among them can be observed, including: forming consortia in order to apply for R&D grants, cooperation in creating common distribution channels, or sharing of specialized research equipment to reduce costs.

- As the fund continued to gain momentum, we significantly increased our pace of making investments and became more effective at attracting interesting originators and partners. Virtually all of the recent investments were made in collaboration with financial co-investors and the total funding that will be involved in these projects significantly exceeds the standard seed funding - adds Paweł Szydłowski, Investment Director of JCI Venture Sp. z o.o.

Currently, the fund’s team focuses on supporting portfolio companies by seeking clients and investors willing to acquire advanced technologies or co-finance their further development, as well as become involved in their operations. The purpose of these activities is to increase the value of companies and maximize return on investments. The funds raised from partial or full disinvestments, according to the strategy of the fund, will be used to create other start-ups.
The investment portfolio of JCI Venture Sp. z o.o. includes, among others:

  • EGZOTECH Sp. z o.o. developing robots and exoskeletons used in rehabilitation; award-winning company, recognized in both the national and international arena,
  • F1 Pharma Sp. z o.o., basing on its founding team, the company carries out R&D processes for large pharmaceutical clients at home and abroad,
  • PRODROMUS Sp. z o.o. developing a robotic design, which will enable disabled children to learn to walk; the originator of the company was awarded the title of Ordinary Hero, among others.
  • REMASTERS Sp. z o.o. and SIMAB Sp. z o.o. cooperating to develop breakthrough technology improving the properties of modern biological drugs by altering their glycosylation profile.