JCI on the podium with the prestigious KNOW status!

Results of the competition for National Leading Research Centres have been announced! Jagiellonian Scientific and Business Consortium for Biomolecular and Cellular Research (Cell - Mol - Tech) on the podium!

On May 14th of this year, Warsaw's Royal Baths witnessed the ceremonial announcement of winners of the second edition of the National Leading Research Centres competition. The competition is organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and aims to identify flagship units of Polish science. Centers awarded the prestigious KNOW status receive up to 50 million PLN for further development and research.

The consortium, which includes the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, as well as the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation, company closely associated with the university, received the prestigious title in biological sciences and thus joined the elite group of 10 research centers in Poland awarded in the competition so far. President of the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation, Paweł Błachno, des not hide his pride and satisfaction with the received award:

- Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology is one of the best research institutions in the field of natural sciences in the country, and the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation is one of the most recognizable institutions in the field of science and business, with infrastructure, experience and contacts to support technology transfer and commercialization of research in the area of life science. Therefore, taking into account the objectives of the competition, we were on the obvious and optimal choice as the University’s partner in the consortium. The fact that our achievements and common goals were appreciated by the jury, consisting of scientists from leading research centers in the world, makes us even happier.

The Jagiellonian University received this prestigious award in a competition organized by the Ministry for the second time. Last time, the KNOW status was awarded to the Scientific Consortium of the Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the "Matter-Energy-Future" Scientific Consortium of Marian Smoluchowski.

- I am proud that the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology joined the National Scientific Lead Centres. This is another proof that the Jagiellonian University ranks among the top Polish units in terms of research potential - says prof. Wojciech Froncisz, PhD, Dean of the FBBB. – However, it must be remembered that the KNOW status and support of the Ministry also poses a major challenge for the Faculty, the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation and the entire academic community. I can guarantee that we will do everything to provide our scientists with even better working conditions, which I hope will contribute to breakthroughs in the field of life sciences - he adds.

The main objective of the Consortium is to develop and improve the scientific aspects of interdisciplinary research in the field of biochemistry, biophysics as well as molecular and cellular biology, conducted by researchers at FBBB, to promote activities leading to application of its results in industry and medicine, and to conduct recruitment and training of new scientists who will actively contribute to further development of units forming the Consortium.

The way to achieve these objectives includes organization of laboratories for New Research Groups (NGB). The objective of the Consortium is to acquire experienced researchers, who conduct research in foreign centers, and encourage them to establish their laboratories in units forming the Consortium. As part of this initiative, highly competitive research laboratories and experimental methods, complementary to the existing scientific resources of the FBBB, will be developed. JCI will provide laboratory space in the newly established buildings of the Life Science Park. JCI will also provide logistical, legal and administrative support to NGB and facilitate contacts of established laboratories with the industrial sector in the country and abroad, supporting their activities an implementation.

The consortium will also take action to promote the scientists’ involvement in high-risk and application research projects, in particular. These will include, among others: "pro-quality subsidies" in the form of incentive payments for employees with the greatest scientific achievements. Increase in funding of young researchers’ projects and support for young scientists beginning their studies at the Faculty and implementing their own research projects is planned as well.

The consortium will also take action to further the development of teaching, including: funding internships for students in academic institutions and businesses, doctoral dissertations with elements of application, as well as provide assistance in obtaining scientific and business partners for implementation of master's theses and doctoral dissertations. It is also planned to create a system to incentivize higher quality of education, according to the National Qualifications Framework (KRK), promoting the best rated teachers. The consortium will also take action in order to gain additional teaching staff - business practitioners, especially for doctoral studies and the jointly conducted postgraduate project "Business in biotechnology."