Chemical Analysis

Chromatographic analysis: the technique of substance separation where the studied mixture flows through a column filled with an appropriate bed and is separated by obtaining equilibrium of each analyte between the stationary and the mobile phase.

Liquid chromatography

The Quality Control Laboratory of the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation is equipped with analytic uHPLC systems (Dionex) and kits for preparative purification of chemical substances, combined with following detectors.

  • UV – VIS "DAD" (190–900nm), analytical and semi-micro cell
  • ELSD
  • Corona Veo RS (working temperature range from +5oC to +100oC)
  • MALS-QELS (mass can be determined from 100Da to 1250kDa)
  • Q-ToF – (MS/MS),(ESI, APCI) (spectral range from 20 to 15000m/z)
  • Fluorescence FLD (spectral range: Ex from 200 to 630 nm; Em 220 to 650 nm)
  • Refractometric RI
  • LC PureFlash (Interchim) with detectors: UV-VIS "DAD" and ELSD detectors with an automated fraction collector
  • Preparative set LC-MS (Shimadzu) with UV from 190 to 370 nm, ELSD and MS "single quadrupole" detectors

The instruments allow for:

  • broad analytical possibilities
  • significantly shorter analysis time thanks to the use of UHPLC systems
  • possibility to purify 10 g of substance per analysis
  • detection of substances invisible in UV-VIS range, owing to Corona and ELSD detectors
  • cheap and repeatable substance purification via separation

Gas chromatography

  • chromatography sets (Shimadzu) with an autosampler for injection of liquid samples and HeadSpace attachments
  • detectors: flame-ion detector FID for assaying volatile compounds, MS detector

The instruments enable:

  • analysis of volatile substances collected from headspace using the Head Space adapter
  • easier qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown substances (built-in mass library)

Supercritical fluid chromatography (CO2) (SFC)

  • chromatography sets (Waters) with an analytical system
  • PDA detector for the optimization of separation methods 
  • fully automated preparative set combined with PDA from 190 to 900 nm and MS "single quadrupole" detectors

The instruments allow for:

  • significantly shorter analysis time for chiral compounds
  • possibility to separate achiral compounds that cannot be separated using the conventional chromatographic methods due to their properties (high polarity, lability)
  • separation of optically-active compounds owing to a set of chromatographic columns

Assaying Total Organic Carbon content, TOC device (GE Sievers 9M) with measurement range from 0.03 ppb to 50 ppm

The measurement is performed via chemical oxidation of organic substances and then measurement of conductance in the obtained carbon dioxide solution. The device is equipped with an autosampler that limits the necessity to introduce the sample every time.

The instruments enables:

  • water purity control as per American, Japanese and European pharmacopoeias
  • confirming the cleanness of technological processes in pharmaceutics

Molecule size analysis: Mastersizer 3000 (Malvern) and DynaPro NanoStar (Wyatt) detectors with a molecule size measuring range from 0.3 nm - 3500 µm dispersed both in liquid and in gas.

The instruments allow for:

  • working with microliter volumes of the solution
  • analysis of molecules dispersed both in a solvent and in a solid phase