A team with long-term experience are responsible for capital investments and for supporting the development of projects in the field of life science.

The team is composed of individuals who manage enterprises and projects, competent financial analysts and specialized technology brokers. Depending on their range of tasks, the members of the team procure promising life science technologies, conduct market analysis and evaluate innovative technologies, as well as supervise works connected with investment projects.

Paweł Blachno / ceo, president of the board
In management of the fund team. He coordinates the work of entities cooperating with the fund on the construction of a comprehensive offering for companies, originators of ideas and scientists. He is responsible for monitoring fund portfolio companies and projects at the commercialization stage. He specializes in building company strategies, scientific projects and implementing business models at various levels of development. He is also in charge of negotiations and decisions connected with the conditions of investment entry and exit.

Paweł Szydłowski / investment director
Manager of the team of the Capital Investment Department. He supervises and coordinates work on investment project preparation for the assessment by the Investment Committee. He is responsible for monitoring the fund portfolio companies and projects at the commercialization stage. He specializes in issues concerning the finance management of innovative ventures. His duties involve the assessment of the economic potential, establishing the transaction structure, defining principles of cooperation and negotiating the conditions for investment entry and exit.

Anita Burkat-Dulak, PhD / technology broker
In charge of obtaining promising technologies in the fields of industrial chemistry, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering, and of the verification of the scientific and technological foundations of projects and their market potential. In newly established companies, she is responsible for R&D monitoring.

Konrad Gliściński / lawyer
Legal practitioner in the fund, dealing with contract law and trading in intellectual property rights. Within the structures of the fund, he prepares and negotiates investment contracts with originators. He offers current legal advice to the Supervisory Boards of the portfolio companies.

Aneta Kuczkowicz / project manager
Aneta Kuczkowicz offers legal and organizational consulting, as well as controlling of portfolio companies to the Supervisory Boards of the portfolio companies. She coordinates the evaluation of projects sent to the fund and organizes the teamwork with respect to smooth communication and internal cooperation. She is also responsible for controlling the adherence to deadlines defined in schedules of particular investment projects.