Seed funds

The Jagiellonian Center of Innovation provides capital support for the most promising projects in the field of life science at early seed stage. 

JCI Venture fund, active for a few years, has initiated the operation of over a dozen companies whose activity has led to the introduction into the market of, for example, advanced rehabilitation robots, specialized services for the pharmaceutical sector, medicinal products and biotechnologies.

The originators of the ventures developed from seed stage are sought from among individuals, scientists and entrepreneurs with unique ideas and the determination to succeed in business. 

The offering for ventures at seed stage is based on the best models of research and scientific project commercialization and it involves:

  • capital support in the amount of up to € 200,000 in return for a minority block of shares,
  • verification of scientific and business foundations of a project as part of the so-called pre-incubation, cost free for the originator,
  • content-related support at the stage of developing the business concept of the venture and the running of the company by an experienced team of technology brokers and management practitioners associated with the life science sector,
  • complementary services connected with JCI operation, including, among others, access to the infrastructure and specialized equipment of the Life Science Park.

JCI Venture Sp. z o.o. was established in 2008. The shareholder of JCI Venture Sp. z o.o. is the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation (100%)

More information:
Paweł Szydłowski, investment director
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