Project portfolio

JCI Venture seed fund has initiated the operation of over a dozen innovative companies in the field of life science. These companies include, for example:

F1 Pharma Sp. z o.o.

F1 Pharma is a dynamically developing pharmaceutical company, focused on R&D activities. The founders of the company are persons who combine academic practice with long-term experience in working for the pharmaceutical industry. F1 Pharma has resources allowing for conducting comprehensive works necessary to introduce a medicinal product into the market, as well as for the quality control, releasing into trade, supplier and contract producer verification. The company cooperates with leading research and development entities, and it benefits from the potential of Polish scientists to increase its innovativeness and competitiveness. Following the positive result of GMP inspection, the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector granted to F1 Pharma an authorization for the production of medicinal products, conducting physical and chemical analyses and certification of series. For more information visit

Monitor CR Sp. z o.o.

Monitor CR is a company developing IT tools that facilitate the process of clinical trials at any stage – from the selection of centers and patient recruitment, to trial management, service invoicing and settlement, to monitoring the trial and documentation completion. The effects of the implementation of Monitor CR products include:

  • providing better organization of clinical trials,
  • significant reduction in the cost of clinical trial monitoring – up to 40%.

The project has been devised by a long-term practitioner in the field of clinical trials. It expedites the management of the complex process a clinical trial is. MONITOR tools facilitate cooperation between the various groups participating in clinical trials: scientists, laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, doctors, hospitals, private medical centers, academic institutions and patients.  

A number of renowned entities from the field of new technology development are involved in the project. Apart from the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Sp. z o.o., these are: Investin, Silvermedia and European Venture Investment Group. For more information visit

EGZOTech  Sp. z o.o.

EgzoTech is a company operating on the verge of rehabilitation and robotics. It aims at revolutionizing the global market for rehabilitation services and diagnostics. The first rehabilitation robot – Luna EMG created as a result of several years of R&D works – is already available on the market and it offers a series of unique solutions:

  • the possibility of simultaneous rehabilitation of a few patients by one physiotherapist,
  • therapeutic and diagnostic programs adjusted particularly to the needs of neurological and orthopedic patients,
  • rehabilitation games specially tailored to increase patient motivation; they work perfectly both in the case of child patients and adult ones,
  • use of dynamometric measurements for the assessment of muscle strength and spasticity, but also for personalizing training sessions,
  • complete analysis of data generated during medical procedures, which allows for progress observation or the introduction of the element of competition. 

The company and its product have received many awards and honorable mentions in Poland and abroad, e.g., by Google for Entrepreneurs, Blackbox Connect, ThePitch or UPC as part of the Think Big competition. In connection with its dynamic development, the company is significantly increasing its value and acquires further well-known investors and clients. For more information visit

Prodromus Sp. z o.o.

Prodromus originated from student passion and the will to help others. In 2011, a student of AGH University of Science and Technology constructed a robot for lower limb rehabilitation for twins suffering from Cerebral Palsy, who were his friends’ children.

The effects were so promising that a company was founded based on them, capitalized at seed stage by JCI Venture from the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Group. Introduced into the market in 2015, PRODROBOT – an automated walk simulator, which is an active medical product for lower limb rehabilitation in patients with walking dysfunctions – is the main product offered by the company. Prodrobot was created for children requiring intense lower limb rehabilitation. It offers exercises unprecedented in other similar devices: anatomical walk compliant with the model of walking, leg swinging, bicycling motion, sit-ups, walking the stairs. It may be used in the cases of, among others, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and dysfunctions of neurological and traumatic origin which disturb walking. Owing to its original solutions, the product offers functionalities that used to be available only in much more expensive devices, which also frequently require special space adaptation.

Prodrobot has received many awards and honorable mentions during trade fairs and is recognized in Poland and abroad. However, the company plans to further develop it through cooperation with a few leading universities. At present, the first little patients can use the innovative Prodrobots, which have already found their way to rehabilitation centers in Poland. For more information visit

Polivac Sp. z o.o.

Polivac and the closely cooperating BioVentures Institute Sp. z o.o. are companies operating in the field of biotechnology. They have developed a universal technological platform allowing for biosynthesis of polypeptide proteins which are not encountered in nature, created by means of the latest achievements in genetic engineering. The originator of the platform is a scientific team with over twenty years of academic and industrial experience in the recombinant DNA cloning technology and in protein manipulation and modification. Polypeptide proteins obtained by means of Polivac platform can be used as:

  • artificial antigens for the production of new generation vaccines with multiplied immunological system stimulation potential;
  • polyproteins containing modules chelating rare metal ions, for the remediation of the natural environment;
  • modules binding cofactors of enzymes, such as proteinases active in wounds to prevent destructive effects;  
  • protective multi-epitope proteins containing multiple peptide modules activating or inhibiting biological functions for the purpose of treating molecular, viral and bacterial diseases;
  • multi-epitope proteins containing multimers of peptide hormones or biologically active fragments of signal proteins and proteins stimulating tissue regeneration processes.

So far, the originators have conducted the initial R&D stage, experimentally proving the effectiveness of the conceptual premises of the proposed new biotechnology method in artificial hyper immunogenic antigen generation. HBV was selected as the first model system and, at the same time, the goal of the new technology.